HELLO, do you want to save hundreds of thousands of pounds every year?

If you operate large warehouses or Distribution Centres, optimising your slotting provides the single biggest opportunity for massive savings in your picking labour.
And optimisation brings many other benefits too.

Let us assess the current state of your data by giving us output from your WMS to match our simple templates.
We'll get back to you with a straightforward cost/benefit analysis.

WHY choose Ibex Management?

We've been helping companies around the world optimise their Supply Chains for more than 20 years, saving hundreds of millions of pounds along the way. Now we're able to offer the world's best optimisation software to break the Supply Chain's final frontier - warehouse slotting.

Expert Support

When we help you to optimise, we work WITH you, embedding our knowledge in your teams.

Always Up-To-Date

The best software is constantly being refined, and you get to benefit with every improvement.

Extended Services

Typically, warehouse slotting optimisation will drive efficiency improvements through the extended supply chains.

Whatever you need!

When we've worked with you, we'll be on hand to refresh your knowledge with additional training and continuous improvement.


Because every piece of waste in your warehouse is costing you money. If you're using ad-hoc software you already know you could do better if only you had the tools.


Identify the most appropriate slot in the warehouse for every SKU


Implement good ergonomics for all aspects of product-handling

Store Network

Support customer-friendly orders, using family groups to reduce put-away times across your store network


Minimise product losses by building more stable pallets

Capacity Constraints

We'll free up space - if you think you need another DC, think again!


Wondered what would happen if? We can show you in minutes!


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