You Gotta Love Maths!

If you are responsible for the efficiency of a Distribution Centre or Warehouse, then my guess is that you’re underappreciated. Your facility works smoothly, with manpower and machinery choreographed to meet the changing demands of your customers and the heartfelt requests of your suppliers with the grace and efficiency of a swan swimming upstream.

At the end of each day you’ve done a pretty good job. Even if your mates’ eyes glaze over when you tell them about it, we know you deserve admiration.

Sadly, few people give a thought to your mastery of the Rural Postman Problem or the Knapsack Conundrum. Even fewer appreciate your skills at three-dimensional Tetris as you constantly strive to reproduce stable and safe pallet configurations regardless of the shapes and sizes of the components of customer orders.

You’re multi-skilled, never fazed, always able to quench fires before they get out of control.

  • But do you know whether you could have done better?
  • Could you have improved your labour productivity, done more to safeguard your workers’ health and safety, or reduced your damages?
  • Have you even had a moment to consider a strategy that could save many thousands of pounds at your customers’ receiving docks for the loss of just a few hundred pounds to your own bottom line?

The harsh truth is, no matter how good or how experienced you are, you just don’t know the answers to these questions if you’re dealing with upwards of 5,000 product lines.

We can help. Because we have the world’s best optimisation software that can take your data and process it in seconds, taking account of your constraints. All of them. Then compare the results against different constraints, or different time periods, or different order profiles.

Most importantly, we can show how you can reduce your costs.

Significantly. Reliably. Reproducibly, with an audit trail that Finance Managers love.

And we can even stress-test different strategies using simulations for you.

We’re not saying we’re better than you. But nobody’s better than pure mathematics. And our mathematics are so neat that they’ve been granted patents for their application to warehouse slotting.

Get in touch if you want to know more, even if you think being a rural postman with a knapsack is child’s play.

We’ll take you to the next level. We can make you Zen.

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