Our Directors have always believed in the power of choice. The old “command and control” approach to the management of any sizeable operation was ultimately doomed to fail, and we’re pleased to have been able to help many of the more progressive companies around the world whose leaders knew that in their hearts as well as their heads.

What makes a company special is the passion and commitment felt among its Associates and staff. The alignment of the way people work together, and the joy and satisfaction they have in delivering the essence of what that company is about. For us, it’s about camaraderie.

Our work is not just why we get paid, it’s why we get up.


Graham Hall – Director, Ibex Management Ltd & Senior Partner, Foti Group (North America)

After a successful career in the corporate sector with companies such as BP and Mars Inc, Graham now oversees Ibex’s business development and portfolio of clients. He has worked in a number of executive positions at Board level and his many years of experience in dealing with blue chip clients around the world allows him to contribute to the broader elements of Supply Chain Management when discussing opportunities for implementing the world’s best Slotting software. Graham now spends most of his time with clients in the UK, but travels to North America for occasional joint projects with the Foti Group.


James 200

James Edgeworth – Director, Ibex Management Ltd

Responsible for Project Implementation and Delivery, James has more than 10 years’ experience of contract management & sales, always dedicated to adding value that far outweighs the cost. He was responsible for the automation of the material ordering process for a multi-million pound government backed initiative in the UK, incorporating a bespoke CRM and material ordering portal. As part of his responsibility for business development he has designed and constructed computer systems that have optimised multi-site operations in large organisations. James’ focus now is Slotting Optimisation, where his computer modelling skills have produced many beautiful, elegant and efficient solutions.



Ron Foti – Senior Partner Foti Group (North America)

Ron has designed and implemented Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions for many household-name companies around the world. He is a well-recognised expert in all aspects of transport and warehousing and is renowned for achieving remarkable productivity gains using his process improvement methodology supported by careful methods training and the implementation of Engineered Labour Standards (ELS). Ron first worked with Graham in 1995, eventually joining him for a two-year stint in Melbourne as his International Supply Chain Director in the early 2000’s before establishing his own eponymous Supply Chain consultancy in 2012.


Marc Wulfraat

Marc Wulfraat – Consultant of Network Design Strategy

Marc has 30 years of specialised experience in Supply Chain Strategy, Business Strategy, Logistics Operations and Facility Design / Optimisation. He is President and Founder of MWPVL International Inc., where he has completed 200+ projects, made 80+ industry presentations and had 80+ professional articles published to wide acclaim. While now based in North America, Marc provides support for the UK operations of Ibex on an ad-hoc basis as required.


Mike Dimech, Consultant for Systems Integration

Mike initially worked for Ron Foti in Loblaw International in Toronto before setting up his own company to provide technical and systems integration services plus warehouse efficiency improvement solutions to international clients. He has since worked on many projects in close association with the Foti Group. He and his team of highly-skilled and experienced systems professionals provide ad-hoc support to Ibex/Foti Group clients in situations where full integration of our Slotting solution is required and in-house IT is either too busy or unable to carry out the work. Mike’s team are noted for conversing in business language rather than geek-speak and work seamlessly with client employees. All of them have a comprehensive understanding of ERP, WMS & TMS systems and their interactions with each other.