For many years it’s been accepted that it’s not actually companies that are in competition with each other, but Supply Chains. This truism requires willing cooperation between employees of different firms and a degree — often a large degree — of mutual trust.

The real test of corporate culture is whether employees feel aligned with your business objectives and work with an attitude that reflects your corporate values. Progressive businesses know that unleashing an organisation’s ability to truly excel requires far more than displaying their business principles prominently on the walls or sending their staff on team-building exercises (although these initiatives can play their part).

In Ibex, we believe that clear communication of expectations and a genuine desire to nurture talent and reward endeavour are the keys to growth, both in the personal and corporate context. But it’s not always easy to decide what should be communicated, and to whom and how often.

We consider ourselves to be specialists in “Alignment”. Alignment of efforts throughout the organisation, so that everybody is clear about the direction they’re heading and why they’re on the journey. We will work with you to achieve this alignment, to the benefit not only of productivity but also of motivation and job satisfaction throughout your company.

We will help you to stimulate the imagination and passion of employees at all levels. It is not mere whimsy to suggest that our aim is to connect their hearts and souls to their work and to your company’s mission. We believe that this is the driving force behind sustainable success.

And our objective is to embed methods of “working differently” so that your organisation will prosper over a long time period, through multiple product life cycles and even multiple generations of leaders.

It’s a tall order. It’s what we do. It’s what we love.