Distribution Centre and Warehouse Slotting Software

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Slotting used to be hard. As soon as you had it done, it was out of date. New product lines and seasonal peaks played havoc with your plans.

Now our technology allows you to slot naturally, as part of your day-to-day business. It’s the easiest way to cut your costs and improve productivity.

Let us show you how.

We’ll give you a presentation and discuss with you the likely size of the prize within your specific supply chain network. From that point, we can construct a small pilot scheme at one of your DCs that will demonstrate the actual savings available to you.

We’ll even re-slot your DC (or network) as a service if you don’t want to purchase the Software outright.

Why you need us:

  • Maybe you think you’re full – we bet you’re not: Perhaps you think your Distribution Centre is full to capacity and you are considering a costly expansion. We will guarantee to increase your existing capacity through optimising your slotting.
  • You want to build more stable pallets and reduce your damages: Slotting correctly so that your WMS is able to use a pick path that takes account of product size and weight will enable you to increase your pallet stability and reduce damages. We can also manage the “hard break” points based on cube or pallet weight (or because some products cannot be stacked upon others, such as food and detergents) so that journeys to and from your loading dock are reduced.
  • You want a better return on your expensive equipment (and labour): Your equipment used for replenishment and put-away is expensive. We can show you how to make it work to maximum efficiency, increasing your return on investment.
  • You’re worried about back injuries: If you are concerned about costly back injuries to your workers we can lower the risks by optimising access to the “golden zone” of easy picking. You will see fewer lost hours and avoid costly tribunals and litigation.
  • You just hate wasting money:
    If you are using your WMS to drive your slotting, you are certainly wasting time and money. Efficient slotting should be the feed to the WMS, not an outcome from it. We can show you how to make a slotting solution drive significant cost savings whatever your current WMS.

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You can’t beat mathematics

You may feel able to slot your Distribution Centre based on your years of experience, but you cannot beat mathematics. We can take account of all your constraints, including seasonality, family grouping, pallet density, temperature, flammable or hazardous products. We will deliver for you the optimal solution that will minimise your travel time, typically saving you at least 10% of your labour costs.

Remember, we’re prepared to take your existing data and process it ourselves to demonstrate and quantify the benefits available to you.

They will almost certainly take your breath away.

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