Distribution Centre and Warehouse Optimisation

Warehouse Aisle

  1. Analysis

    If you give us your data, we will process it and advise you of your potential savings from optimising your slotting.

    If you are unable, or too busy, to provide data to us in a useable format, we will provide experienced data analysts to work with your own team to obtain the data we need. We will then show you the benefits you can achieve.

  2. Implementation

    Once you have seen how much your business can benefit from optimised slotting, you’ll probably want to go ahead and grab the savings.

    We will work closely with you to ensure that the implementation is carried out smoothly and with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business.

Network Design

You may have a need to go beyond optimising the use of your current DC and Warehouse assets to consider where they should be sited, what products they should hold and which customers they should serve.

If so, we can offer decades of experience of facing the same problems that you have. And not only can we make use of the best network design tools on the market today, we’re working closely with a company that’s developing the next generation of tools too.

System Integration

Whatever your current systems, and whether you’re thinking in terms of WMS or ERP, we’re able to work with their current data sets. We have people who just love to cleanse data so that we can process the information quickly and cleanly in our modelling software.

Cultural Transformation

This underpins everything else that we do. Whether you retain us to help you optimise a single DC or a whole network, we will work with you to enhance working practices and embed performance standards that will improve morale and boost productivity. Unless you’re already perfect, of course, in which case it will be our privilege to learn from you.

Any significant business changes – not just network optimisation – may well benefit from a carefully managed review of the effectiveness of your operating culture, and we’re happy to advise, provide you with tools, or even help directly in line management roles where we can offer you experienced “change management” staff on an interim basis.