Ibex has been working to improve complex international supply chains since 1998. We have partnered with the Foti Group to extend our reach in North America and have a close association with one of the acknowledged global thought-leaders in supply chain network design. Foti Group has its roots in industrial engineering, with an ability to work anywhere in the world to reach right down into an organisation to solve operational performance inefficiencies. Therefore we can work “at the coal face” with your operatives in Distribution Centres and improve their productivity (and morale) through our use of basic Industrial Engineering Process Improvement techniques supported by Operational Methods Training.

The Directors and Senior Partners of Ibex and Foti Group have themselves worked in line management, directly responsible for the performance of large and complex end-to-end supply chains operating globally. They have developed tried and tested methods of supply chain integration that have delivered literally hundreds of millions of dollars of auditable value.

Because of this experience, we can operate at 10,000 feet or down in the detail. It is often a blend of the two that ultimately produces the best results.
Globe on Keyboard

In recent years we have incorporated sophisticated mathematical optimisation software into our methodology. Not only does this allow us to demonstrate the improvements in supply chain efficiency directly in monetary terms, but it also facilitates stress-testing and what-if analysis. We believe that we are at the cutting edge in this regard.

Our focus has always been on People, Processes and Technology. Although this is a common approach, we delve deeper than others into motivation so that we can create high performance work environments in the shortest period of time, using minimal resources. In this way we can deliver breakthrough results to the bottom line because of the alignment between different areas of the workforce and, where applicable, their Trades Union.

Customers who have benefited from our services include Food Retailers, Mass & General Merchandisers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors, Dairy companies, World Map the Apparel & Drug Industries, 3PL providers and Mail & Parcel organisations.

Network Design

The flexibility built into your existing network configuration has a cost, and a value. Conventional wisdom will tell us that supply chains, on average, are about 80% rigid.

While averages don’t tell us much (and conventional wisdom is often an oxymoron) it’s possible that your supply chain’s cost base, responsiveness, tolerance to risk, and efficiency are around 80% locked because of your initial configuration.

We can help you turn the key. We’ll show how to optimise the cost / flexibility dilemma and look at how to design the best possible network to serve your customers reliably.

Network Rationalisation

Customers, suppliers and technology change rapidly over time. Yet many firms go for years without questioning their existing supply chain network configuration.

We believe it is good practice to revisit the assumption upon which your Supply Chain has been based at least once every one to two years. You may not wish to change anything, but you will better understand the cost of standing still.